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Tulimo joined the Chameleon team back in December 2014 as a driver/trainee guide and has fulfilled his dream to become a tour guide, showing dedication to his chosen career path and being promoted to tour guide in 2019. His infectious smile, enthusiasm for all things Namibia, and commitment to showing his guests a great time make Tulimo a super guide, loved by all that are lucky enough to explore Namibia with him/

Gideon is one of Chameleon’s coolest tour guides, who loves his job because it gives him an opportunity to travel around the country and meet lots of new people from all over the world. He grew up in the Oshikoto region of Northern Namibia and loves to show tourists all around his country. Before joining Chameleon, Gideon worked in a range of different jobs from taxi driving to the security industry, but has embraced tourism and loves the new opportunities that being a tour guide brings. 

Kennedy, a Travel & Tourism graduate, ran our free walking tour in 2017, impressing all those that met him with his extensive knowledge of Windhoek. After 1 year of wandering the city streets and enlightening all those he met, Kennedy joined the team as a trainee tour and has made the grade. He is now a guide running great safaris on his own.

Whilst he might be one of the newest Chameleons, joining the team in 2019, Petrus is leaving a lasting impression on all he encounters whilst exploring the Windhoek area as our day trips guide. When he’s not busy showing visitors around Windhoek, Petrus loves writing and recording his own music, so make sure you ask him to show you what he can do if you ever join one of his tours.

Taimi, is our current FREE City Walking Tour guide and a self-proclaimed foodie. As one of our interns that has taken to running our free walking tour since November 2018 and done so with boundless enthusiasm. When not strolling around the city centre and sharing her abundant information about Windhoek and the history of Namibia you might find Taimi checking out the best places to eat, so make sure to ask for her local tips. 

Office Team

Ali became a Chameleon back in 2016 after completing our in-house hospitality training program with Chameleon backpackers. He quickly showed his chameleon capabilities, changing and adapting to every role from housekeeping to reservations and then to the administration department. He now plays a key role in supporting the whole office team.

Jessica joined Chameleon in May 2018 as a Junior Travel Consultant and quickly proved herself to be a true Chameleon, adapting well to all situations either in the office as a tour consultant, computer fixer, or even a camp assistant. Her ability to make a plan during moments of chaos and natural leadership skills earned her the position as our Sales Manager.

Meet Suzie, our General Manager who was born and raised in Kamanjab in the Kunene Region, Namibia. Suzie’s first role at Chameleon was back in 2000 at the tender age of 19 as a trainee guide where she met her husband, a fellow Chameleon. After leaving for greener pastures, Suzie returned and while she is no longer on the road leading tours, she is now the manager ensuring the longevity of Chameleon.

Behind the Scenes

Iina is our Workshop Assistant and is the lady who knows what’s going on when it comes to preparing our safari vehicles for a tour. Hailing from the northern parts of Namibia, she loves her job because it allows her to become an independent woman and to take care of her family. She started working at Chameleon in back in 2012 and loves keeping order in the workshop.

Willem is a long time Chameleon having first joined the team in 2000 – 2003, returning in 2010 – 2012 and then again from 2018 – current, and is the Logistics Manager, ensuring the smooth running of our vehicles and managing our guiding team. With a vast variety of experience to pull from, Willem is well equipped to train and inspire our guiding team as well as ensure our vehicles are in top notch condition. 

A keen builder and all-round handyman, Rudolph first joined the Chameleon team as the master builder for all Chameleon companies. These days, he shows off his chameleon like abilities, adapting to the needs of the company and doing anything from building to driving safaris. With a keen love for Namibia and the environment, when he’s not busy building or on the road, Rudolph likes to escape to his family farm and take care of his cattle and goats. 

Joining Chameleon as an apprentice mechanic back in August 2017, from there, Mundu went on to complete his studies as a diesel mechanic and has been the carer of our safari vehicles ever since. This is no easy task with more than 85% of Namibian roads being gravel, Mundu is kept busy checking every vehicle thoroughly, before and after every tour. When he’s not lying under a vehicle, Mundu can be found at home, spending time with family and friends. 

K9 Unit

Woody joined the Chameleon team in 2014, coming from a rather sheltered life at the SPCA. Woody adpated well to his new home, proving that even naughty little dogs have a little chameleon inside them (possibly litterally as we wouldn’t put it past him to eat one of those too)! Woody is incredibly loyal and loves accompanying either Claire or Jackie wherever they go. But when he’s not cruising around Windhoek, he can often be found on a couch at Chameleon or attempting to sneak out any open gate. I would describe myself as a person that loves to run (yes, you read right, he thinks he’s human! 

Meet Blackie! While she may look more dog than chameleon, don’t be fooled, Blackie is the master at adapting to her surroundings. Originally employed as Chameleon’s guarddog, these day Blackie prefers to meet and greet our clients in a more relaxed fashion, and can often be found resting her eyes in front of the safari office, or by the swimming pool. Occiasionally she loves getting out and about in the bush as well, showing her friends all that the Namibian country side has to offer. I started in Chameleon in 2008 when I was just a pup. 

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