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Frequently Asked Questions

The Sossusvlei Express/Etosha Express tours, are these camping or accommodated tours?

The Sossusvlei Express, Etosha Express, Taste of Namibia and Dunes & Wildlife Safaris are all accommodated and you do NOT need to bring a sleeping bag. The accommodation used is comfortable permanent tents with en-suite bathroom facilities. These safaris are designed for the adventurous traveller who wants more comfort than a camping safari. These safaris are also non-participation which means your guide works extra hard to ensure you have a memorable and wonderful experience.

Can you help us, if we are a couple of friends travelling together?

Yes we can, let us know your group size, when you are interested in travelling and what you are interested in.

We cannot travel on the dates that the safari that we like departs – is there anything you can do about this?

If it’s at all possible we will do our best to arrange this itinerary to suit the dates you are travelling but please be aware that during our peak season we will need advance notice.

Is Namibia child and family friendly destination?

Yes, it’s a safe country and often regarded as a great place not only for first time travellers to Africa but also for families. The infra structure is good, water is generally safe to drink and there is plenty to keep everyone of all ages occupied. You can either join one of the scheduled safaris, have a tailor made safari prepared for you or enjoy a self drive holiday

What type of person travels with Chameleon and I am the right type of person?

A wide range of people from all walks of life and various countries join us for on safari. We have no age restriction but we do ask clients to have a "sense of adventure" and be a team player. The groups are made up of single travellers, couples, friends and families. However, when travelling together in a group each individual needs to have a degree of flexibility and patience

Travel insurance - is that necessary?

Yes, insurance whilst travelling with Chameleon Safaris is essential. All clients must be insured to cover aspects such as repatriation, medical expenses, personal accident, cancellation and curtailment. Proof of insurance can be requested and Chameleon have the right to refuse clients onto their safari without refund should the client not have insurance. In Southern Africa, many emergency services will not send a rescue service until proof of insurance has been issued so should you injure yourself you may end up without medical assistance, something not to be taken lightly. For more information click here.

I’m a solo traveller, can I still book your safaris?

Of course!!! Many of our clients travel alone, however, with regard to accommodation/tent you will be matched with someone of same sex. You are welcome to choose a single supplement on the accommodated safarisbut this will be at anadditional cost.

I would like to see the himba people when I am in Namibia - Where and how can I do this?

The himba people mainly live in the North West part of Namibia. Please remember when you visit the tribes to show respect to them and their cultures and views. They are also changing to the environment that they are living in today so do not be surprised to see them in modern clothing or occasionally clutching a cell phone! Please also be aware that whilst we endeavour to arrange walks and meetings with the tribes they choose what and when they wish to do things and this occasionally can be out of our control. Northern Adventure & Namibian Explorer both include a visit to the himba people. If you are keen to incorporate a cultural experience and you are looking for a tailor made safari then please advise us when you make your enquiry and we can incorporate this into your trip.

We plan on doing a self-drive in Namibia – can you help us?

Of course, we can help plan your itinerary, book campsites or accommodation and will be on hand to offer a meet and greet service when you arrive to go through your itinerary step by step with you and ensure you are happy before you depart for you trip. For information click here

The roads in Namibia, what are they like?

Generally they are in excellent condition. Most of the roads and towns are well signposted. Major roads are tarred the rest are gravel. Please, however, be aware that the conditions can change during the rainy season – please refer to our car rules and regulations for additional information. If you book a self drive we will ensure that you receive a map to help you find your way around.

On these safaris, what do I need to bring along?

We will provide you with a pre departure list before you travel – often it depends on the type of trip you are doing and the time of year you are travelling

What can we expect typical Namibian weather to be like?

We have 2 main seasons, Winter - from May to September which is dry but can get very cold particularly at night during June/July/August and occasionally temperatures fall to freezing, during the day time it can reach 25c or so, depending on the location. Summer - October through to April is also the rainy season, temperatures increase significantly and its not unusual to reach 35c or sometimes higher. The early rains (to December) are sporadic but January through to April can bring heavy rains which can occasionally last 2 or 3 days which also provide a welcome relief to the dry desert landscape.

Should I tip the guide or camp assistant & how much?

Tipping is certainly not compulsory but if you feel your guide/apprentice guide has done a good job and offered you an enjoyable and knowledgeable trip then rest assured they will always be happy to receive a tip. A guideline is N$10/day for your guide and N$5 day for the apprentice guide.

What are the Minimum and Maximum age limits?

No there isn’t as long as you are prepared to come along with a "young at heart" attitude, be keen to be a team player and also aware that occasionally families can be joining you on safari then this is for you.

Will I need to bring a mattress or sleeping bag?

For camping safaris 5cm thick high density mattresses are supplied. In respect to sleeping bags, on camping trips you can either bring your own or hire one @ N$10/day.

Should I expect changes to the issued itinerary?

Generally speaking each itinerary has had a lot of work put into it to ensure that you get to see the highlights of the country and the safest and best way. However, sometimes, there are factors beyond our control, which means that the itinerary may change and each tour operator reserves the right to do this. Generally these changes are minor and your tour operator will do their best to advise clients but occasionally this will happen whilst on the road, this is the time to make the most of it and enjoy the adventure of being in Africa.

Is Namibia a malaria area? What about other health issues?

Areas north of Windhoek pose a small risk of malaria, which increases during the wet season, however, the further east you travel (Caprivi Strip) or into Botswana or Zambia the risk increases. The best way to prevent malaria is to not get bitten by wearing long sleeves/pants, putting on repellent and ensuring that your tent is zipped up to prevent mossies getting into the tent. Please seek the advice of a specialist health centre or visit your doctor prior to your trip to give you up to date advice on prophylactics but please be aware that this still does not give you 100% protection. Your doctor will also give you advice on other health requirements.

Can you cater for vegetarian dietary requirements?

No problem as long as you advise us in advance what you do/don’t eat or if you suffer from any food allergies etc, we will do our best to accommodate you but again please realise that the choice of foods may not always be the same as you will be able to purchase at home. If you have very specific requirements please liaise with us asap and discuss what the best course of action will be for you and if you may need to bring something from home if our shops do not supply them.

Can I check my emails while on safari?

In most of the camp sites there are not the facilities to check emails, however, in towns such as Swakopmund you will be able to access emails easily.

Is there cell phone reception?

Again, in the towns and in some rural locations there will be cell phone reception but be aware that being in some remote areas will mean that there is no cell phone or land line reception. For emergency use the Chameleon office number can be used to ensure that we will get a message through to the guide as fast as possible.

Will I be able recharge my electrical devices?

Just ensure you have the right adaptor, we have round, 3 point plugs 220-240v. It is generally possible to recharge your batteries in accommodation and sometimes at campsites (though not all campsites have electricity points). Alternatively if you bring a car charger you are able to do so through the a 12 volt cigarette lighter (please remember that this is at the discretion of your guide as it may drain the battery of the vehicle). Please bring additional batteries to be on the safe side.

What’s the best way for me to take money with me?

Some limited cash as well as an credit card is useful though ensure that you have your pin number with you. There are numerous ATM machines available in towns and fuel stations. However, travellers cheques can be used in some large towns but foreign exchange shops are not always available outside of Windhoek and Swakopmund so do not rely on them solely. Cash - South African rand is used in conjunction with Namibian dollars, however, ensure that you exchange all of your Namibian dollars before leaving as the Namibian dollar is harder to get rid of than South African rand once out of the country.

Can I book pre and/or post safari accommodation?

With many tailor made safaris we include pre and post accommodation in Windhoek as we are not always aware of your flight details when preparing your itinerary. For the scheduled accommodated and camping safaris it is not included but we are happy to arrange your accommodation for you. You are welcome to stay at Chameleon Guesthouse and Backpackers before or after your trip but we can book alternative accommodation for you if you prefer to suit you and your pocket.

Can I combine my safari with a volunteer project?

There are several really interesting volunteer projects in Namibia and depending on what your interests are there is surely something to suit. The options range from spending time at an animal orphanage, to conservation work tracking and monitoring desert elephants, to medical placements working with the San people or more social welfare minded projects in the township.

Depending on the project that you choose, some may be more stuctured than others, however there is always the option to combine this is a short or longer safari. Just let us know before you book and we can give you as many options as possible.

For social welfare projects click here

Desert Camp, accommodation used for the Sossusvlei Express

Friends travelling together

Kids on safari

People with a sense of adventure playing in the desert

Meet the Himba and purchase some local crafts

Himba people in North-West Namibia

Enjoy a multi-day horseback safari, or a scenic sundowner ride

Self-drive through Namibia

Most roads in Namibia are gravel.

Breakfast on safari

Tents on camping safaris

Guides can cater for all dietary requirements

Pre or post safari accommodation at Chameleon

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