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The Namibian Himba People

The North Western region of Namibia, also known as Kaokoland, is home to the nomadic groups of proud Himba people who still choose to live a nomadic and traditional lifestyle. They are also referred to as the Kaokovelders. Basically Herero in terms of origin, language and culture, they are semi-nomadic pastoralists who tend to trek from one watering place to another seeking grazing areas for their goat and cattle. They seldom leave their home areas and maintain, even in their way of dressing, a tradition of their own, on which other cultures have made little impression. For many centuries they have lived a relatively isolated existence and were not involved in any significant measure in the long struggle for pasturelands.

They are tall, slender and statuesque people, characterized by their proud yet friendly bearing. The women are noted for their unusual sculptural beauty, with their detailed and intricate hairstyles, and traditional adornments. They rub their bodies with a mixture of red ochre and butterfat, which protects their skins against the harsh desert environment and gives them a red-brown complexion. They use many different hairstyles and dress to illustrate their status, for example the men plait their hair differently to show their marital status. Men, women and children wear body adornments made from iron and shell beads.

The tour that includes a visit to the Himba People is the 7 Day Northern Adventure - camping safari which departs every Friday.

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