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Call Us +264 (61) 247 668

Meet The Team

We are a colourful bunch of Chameleons and love what we do. Whilst you may only see a few of us during your trip we are quite a large team that ranges from; workshop staff that work behind the scenes to prepare our vehicles and equipment, the office staff that ensure all safari arrangements are in place, to our guides that put in the hard yards whilst on the road to ensure that your holiday is as fun and carefree for you as possible.

Get to know a little more about us here.

Have you met Beanie, our Senior Tour Guide and longest serving guide at Chameleon to date as well as our expert guide trainer! She loves being a Chameleon because there is a great team spirit and people here go the extra mile to get things done and make sure everyone loves Namibia as much as she does.She loves Namibia because it has beautiful deserts, sparsely populated, friendly and helpful people, a wide range of free roaming predators and other wildlife.

Coolest place I’ve ever visited (apart from Namibia of course) would have to be Peru, because it is so different from Namibia and that trip was a real adventure!

I started working at Chameleon in January 2004. I’ve travelled to most of Southern Africa, including the Seychelles, Peru and parts of Europe.

I’m most passionate about sharing my knowledge about nature and the wonders of wildlife with other people.

I would describe myself as open-minded, energetic, adventurous, and a people lover. Chameleon has played a major role in my life, it has made me a stronger person, enabled me to meet & travel with different people, and taught me how to be a Master Chef on a campfire for 20+ people.

Beanie, Operations Manager

Meet Abel, one of Chameleon’s Senior Tour Guides (not because he’s old, but because he knows A LOT!). He was born in the Caprivi Zambezi region and grew up in Livingstone, Zambia. Because he grew up in the tourist capital of Zambia he has always interacted with people who were involved in the tourism industry and that is where his interest for tour guiding came from. What he loves most about his job is the fact that he gets to travel a lot and meet different people from all walks of life.

Before becoming a tour guide at Chameleon I was a River guide on the Orange River! I started working at Chameleon in July 2013

I’ve already been lucky enough to travel to Southern & Central Africa as well as around the USA in 2017.

I’m most passionate about music, and I want to learn how to play musical instruments one day.

What I love most about Namibia is that there is peace in this country, above all other things.

Abel, Senior Tour Guide

Meet Alvin, a long time Chameleon that started as our first FREE City Walking Tour Guide. This free walking tour was bron from Alvin’s persistance as a young guide to get into the tourism industry. Daily, Alvin would arrive at Chameleon looking for work, and not taking no for an answer, so finally we caved and together we established Windhoek’s first free city walking tour. From here, Alvin went on to join the guiding team and is now established as one of Chameleon’s most knowledgeable and enthusiastic tour guides.

What I love most about Namibia is the variety of landscapes & cultures and my favourite place in Namibia is the Zambezi region.

I love my job because I love camping and have developed a real knack for campfire cooking and it enables me to share as much as I can about Namibia with every one I meet.

Apart from Namibia, the coolest place I’ve ever been lucky enough to explore is the Okavango Delta, green and lush, so different from usual places we explore in Namibia.

When I’m not on tour I’m usually making music!

Gideon Nak is one of Chameleon’s coolest Tour Guides, who says he loves his job because it gives him an opportunity to drive and travel around and meet new different people. He grew up in the Oshikoto region of Northern Namibia and loves to show tourists all around his country. Before joining Chameleon, Gideon worked in a range of different jobs from taxi driving to the security industry, but has embrace tourism and looks forward to a long career as a tour guide.

I started working at Chameleon in January 2014 My favourite place I’ve been to in Namibia would be Swakopmund, because it is quiet and has cool weather.

My next holiday would be anywhere around the world, maybe USA, India or Brazil.

I would describe myself as easy going, hardworking and energetic.

Working at Chameleon has helped me improve my speaking skills and learn so much about country.

When I’m not on tour I’m usually spending time with my kids.

Gideon, driver & trainee guide

Tulimo is one of our drivers and trainee guides. He grew up in Oshakati, Namibia and his dream is to become a professional tour guide in future, which is why he is so eager to work hard and learn all there is to it.

I started working at Chameleon in December 2014

On my next holiday I would love to explore more of Europe. I’ve been lucky enough to travel to France in 2018 which was incredible and has certainly given me the travel bug.

What other people can learn from me is to not discriminate against others. I describe myself as a simple and free spirited person.

What Chameleon has done for me? I would say Chameleon has given me opportunities to learn so many things, meet new different people and gain more tour guiding experience.

Tulimo, Driver

You might know Kennedy from his time as our FREE City Walking Guide. Kennedy, a tourism student, ran our free walking tour in 2017, impressing all those that met him with his extensive knowledge of Windhoek. After 1 year of wandering the city streets and enlightling all those he met Kennedy joined the team as Chameleon’s newest trainee tour guide, and is now busy learning just what it takes to be a super Namibian overland guide.

What I most love about my job is camping and meeting new people from all over the world, as well as learning every day about the history, animals and birds of Namibia. There is a lot to learn and being a guide is not easy, but everyday we learn something new and I’m excited to share that information with our future guests.

My favourite place in Namiba is defintely Etosha National Park, although there is still a lot that I am yet to explore.

I would describe myself as ever happy and smiling.

Claire is known for her many roles, she started at Chameleon working in the bar, doing the shopping, working in reception and as a tour consultant and is now General Manager of Chameleon Safaris. She LOVES her job because she gets to meet amazing people from different backgrounds and help them have a great time in this beautiful country! Her job has also allowed her to travel, and given her the opportunity to see some of the most amazing parts of Africa, which incidentally are in Namibia!

I started working at Chameleon in July 2007, I came just for 1 year, but stayed a little longer!

The best part of my job would have to be making a difference in other people’s lives. It sounds corny I know, but this varies from hearing about the wonderful time people have had on their holiday to training staff and teaching them new skills, or getting involved with our community projects in the township.

I’ve been lucky to have travelled to many places including South East Asia, Southern & East Africa, the UK, Europe and New York!

Claire, General Manager

Meet Vevangaune, but we call her Vangii! Vangii’s role as Administrator has her ensuring that all office staff are doing what they should and that all our bills are paid!

What I love most about my job is being busy... I love the adrenaline I get from working in a fast paced office and meeting deadlines.

The strangest thing I’ve ever eaten would be mopane worms. They are somewhat of a delicacy in Namibia but they certainly aren’t my snack of choice.

What I love most about Namibia is the diversity of the cultures. Considering Namibia is one of the least densely populated countries we are lucky to have such a range of cultures that make it such an interesting county.

Loise joined Chameleon in August 2017 as our day tours consultant straight out of high school. She came in with a desire to learn as much about the tourism industry as she could and she shares all she knows with those who wander into the office.

My favourite part of Namibia is generally the North. What I love most about Namibia is the meat. The Namibian diet is meat based, thanks in large to the excellent quality meat that is produced here. In fact, meat is one of the few food stuffs that we can buy locally, and the quality is incredible. It’s no surprise that my favourite snack is kapana, barbequed and spiced and definitely worth trying whilst you are here.

Meet Suzie, our Accounts Manager who was born and raised in Kamanjab in the Kunene Region, Namibia. Suzie’s first role at Chameleon was back in 2000 at the tender age of 19 as a trainee guide where she met her husband, a fellow Chameleon back in the day. After leaving to explore greener pastures, Suzie returned and while she is no longer on the road she still plays a vital role in ensuring the longevity of Chameleon.

The strangest thing I have eaten would be Mopane Worms

The best places I visited in Namibia are Brandberg, Etosha National Park and Sossusvlei.

What other people can learn from me is to always smile no matter the circumstances and be positive in everything.

Chameleon has played a vital role in my life, because it gave me a second home. I have also gained a lot of experience in my job.


Moses is the Mechanic and driver, who grew up in a village called Oshaango in the Northern parts of Namibia. He loves being a Mechanic, because working with vehicles is something he really is good at.

I started working at Chameleon in July 2014 Best place I have visited in Namibia would be Etosha, because there I saw lots of different animals, and I recommend other people who have never been to Etosha to consider going there so that they can see a variety of amazing Namibian wildlife. One day I want to travel to America.

I describe myself as a good leader, having initiative, focused and driven to achieve success.

Moses, Workshop Manager

Iina is the Workshop Assistant, hailing from the northern parts of Namibia. She loves her job because it allows her become an independent woman and to take care of her family.

I started working at Chameleon in 2012 Places I want to travel to next would be Swakop, Botswana, and other African countries Other people can learn from me to be helpful to others in whatever way you can.

Most interesting question I have ever been asked was “Where did you learn how to wash cars?” Because the guests believe that I do my job so well.

Chameleon has done so much for me personally, for reasons such as it has been my second home ever since I started working here, and that I have improved and built my life through Chameleon.

Iina, Workshop Assistant

Meet Blackie! While she may look more dog than chameleon, don’t be fooled, Blackie is the master at adapting to her surroundings. Originally employed as Chameleon’s guarddog, these day Blackie prefers to meet and greet our clients in a more relaxed fashion, and can often be found resting her eyes in front of the safari office, or by the swimming pool. Occiasionally she loves getting out and about in the bush as well, showing her friends all that the Namibian country side has to offer. I started in Chameleon in 2008 when I was just a pup.

My favourite place in Namibia would have to be Avis Dam when it is full of water. Strangest food I’ve ever eaten is definitely vegetables.. I prefer meat!

Something you didn’t know about me is when I was a puppy I had a shoe fettish, other peoples shoes that is! I used to chew any shoes I could find and I didn’t care who they belonged to. Thankfully I’ve grown out of that now.


Woody joined the Chameleon team in 2014, coming from a rather sheltered life at the SPCA. Woody adpated well to his new home, proving that even naughty little dogs have a little chameleon inside them (possibly litterally as we wouldn’t put it past him to eat one of those too)! Woody is incredibly loyal and loves accompanying either Claire or Jackie wherever they go. But when he’s not cruising around Windhoek, he can often be found on a couch at Chameleon or attempting to sneak out any open gate. I would describe myself as a person that loves to run (yes, you read right, he thinks he’s human!)

My favourite place in Namibia is snuggled on the blue couch at Chameleon Backpackers Something you didn’t know about me is that I’m actually very well fed, but have amazing puppy dog eyes in order to make our guests feel guilty about eating in front of me!


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