This half day Carnivore Feeding tour at Naankuse Wildlife Sanctuary includes the opportunity to see baboons, caracals, lions, cheetahs, wild dogs and leopards. These animals are known as “ambassador animals”, which means they are unable to be released back into the wild for different reasons.
This half day tour allows you to watch as the animals are being fed by the experienced guides as well as a chance to get some spectacular photos of these majestic animals. It is followed by a scenic drive that provides a good chance of spotting some of the other wildlife on the reserve. This is not just a great way to learn about these amazing animals and how they behave in the wild, but it is also a great up close photo opportunity.


On departure from Windhoek enjoy a 1hour scenic drive out of town to the Naankuse Wildlife Sanctuary. From here, we join a local guide a drive around the reserve visiting the different carnivores that now call Naankuse home.
We have the chance to witness the feeding of the lion, leopard, cheetah, wild dog and caracal, while learning more about the human and wildlife issues that have resulted in these animals having to live out the rest of the natural life in captivity.

Word Of Mouth

We had a good time and the agency was reliable in providing top notch services. Guide Abel was great and knowledgeable.


VV Adventure

Their tours are very reasonably priced, and their hotel is very nice, clean and safe. Staff cute and helpful. A great all-support for your Namibia trip, went twice with them already.



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Jacob Luke

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