Get out of Windhoek, the capital of Namibia, and stretch your legs with a 6km guided hike through Daan Viljoen Nature Reserve, just 15kms outside Windhoek. Keep your eyes peeled for wildlife, from birds and reptiles to big game including giraffe, eland, zebra and more.
Daan Viljoen may be one of Namibia’s smallest reserves at close to 4000ha, but it boasts an impressive collection of flora, with over 301 species and fauna from large mammals to over 200 species of birds. Enjoy a 6km trail, stopping to learn about the plants and wildlife that you see along the way, that could include mountain zebra, wildebeest, hartebeest, kudu, sable, giraffe and more.


Departing from Windhoek we make our way out and up into the rolling hills of Daan Viljoen Game Reserve that sits overlooking Windhoek.
Our 6kms hike takes us approximately 3.5hours as we make our way along the specially designed trail, taking in not only the incredible scenery, but also learning about the flora and fauna that we see. Daan Viljoen is home to an impressive collection of large mammals from giraffe, zebra, eland, wildebeest, oryx and more.
Our trail takes us in circular loop and we arrive back at our vehicle after our morning walk. From here, we enjoy a short drive out of the park and back to Windhoek.

Word Of Mouth

I would highly recommend this activity to anyone staying in the Windhoek area. Beene was a friendly and knowledgable guide who provided lots of information on the flora and fauna of the local region. She also has a hawk eye for spotting all of the animals/game! The group size ensures it remains personal with opportunities to ask questions. The duration of the hike and the terrain were pleasant and manageable.



This was a 6.5km hike through (at this time of year) dry bush. Our knowledgeable and friendly guide stopped several times to talk about the various plants and animals we saw. We had sightings of warthog, oryx and some other antelope species. Although the walk isn’t long, there are some steep, but short, gradients, and a few places where the trail is quite rocky. A decent pair of walking shoes is recommended.


James B

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