Our instructor for the day will be Suzi Seha, trained in yoga, advanced breathwork, mindfulness & meditation. A founding member of the Mindfulness Institute of Namibia, a partner in Wellness Retreats Namibia, and owner of Lotus Boutique Yoga Studio and Zen Den Inspired Living Studio, where she works with individuals and groups of adults, teens, and children, teaching yoga, breathwork, mindfulness, and meditation; offering sound journeys, chakra balancing and facilitating creativity and inspirational workshops and retreats. Believing that the energy we give off is what we get back, Suzi’s work revolves around raising the energetic vibrations of the people she works with to shape our inner and outer worlds and our relationship with them, to transform, heal, and empower ourselves. She believes that breath, gratitude, love, and kindness are resources that come from within to be used for the highest good of humanity.


Day 1: Saturday Moonraker Adventure Camp
Today we are picked up at our hotel/guest house at 06h30 for a 07h00 departure. We arrive at approx. 07h30 at our destination for the day, Moonraker Adventure Camp, a quaint camp just outside Windhoek. We start with a morning meet and greet while we enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. Suzi will then guide you through a 1 hour 30 minutes Yoga and breathwork session. Breathwork includes breathing to relax, balance, stimulate and perhaps even transform! Breathwork will be included throughout our time together and be tailored to the group’s needs.

After our morning session, we enjoy a lovely breakfast. The rest of the morning is spent indulging yourself with breathwork, meditation, and mindful activities, from a mindful walk to a body scan.
We enjoy lunch around 13h00 after a relaxing morning.

Our afternoon session is spent doing Yin Yoga, a sound journey, and meditation. Yin yoga works on deeper connective tissues and flexibility and not muscle strength or balance. The session is deep and restorative. No standing poses are included. Mindfulness will be encouraged and included throughout our time together. From ‘mindful moments’ to longer mindful activities including eating, walking, breathing, and bringing mindfulness into daily activities. Meditation will be guided and accessible to all levels.
After our last meditation session, we enjoy a last cup of coffee or tea to end our day, before heading back to Windhoek.

Accommodation: None
Meals: Breakfast and Lunch

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