This new system is in accordance with the African Union Trusted Travel System, which presents an online platform on which travellers register their personal and Covid-test related details prior to travel. This system is already in use in a number of other African countries, including Kenya and Tanzania, and it is worth noting that the same platform will be used for uploading vaccination certification when test-free entry into Namibia for vaccinated travellers becomes allowed. 

A trial phase of the system is scheduled to begin on 15 November, with the expectation of this allowing smoother and more efficient entry and departure for those who use it. If this is successful, it is intended that use of the platform will be compulsory for all travellers entering Namibia from 15 January 2022. Please note that the use of the platform for those leaving Namibia will depend on the requirements of the destination being travelled to.

Below are detailed instructions on how to use the platform, and please visit for more insight.

1. Passengers intending to travel to Namibia are expected to visit one of the Trusted Travel accredited (authorized) laboratories for a Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Covid-19 test. Accredited laboratories for Covid-19 PCR testing can be found by visiting the Trusted Travel portal ( To find relevant accredited laboratories, travellers must indicate their current origin and intended destination. Please see details below on the use of non-accredited laboratories. Travellers can create their accounts at

2. When a Covid-19 PCR test has been run, the laboratory will generate a Trusted Travel (TT) test code that can be verified by airlines and port health authorities to confirm the test came from an accredited laboratory.

3. Travellers will then receive a text message from PanaBios and an email from the testing laboratory with a link that will allow the traveller to create an account at and access the Trusted Travel Test Code. Travellers must use the same email address and phone number that they gave to the laboratory for creating an account.

4. If the test results issued satisfy the full requirements set by the Namibia government (for example validity period or test type), then the Trusted Travel (TT) Test Code will be issued to the traveller for presentation to airlines and port health officials.

5. Whilst the Trusted Travel (TT) Test Code confirms that the test was performed by an accredited laboratory, the code provides additional evidence that the test performed is still valid at the time of travel since results can expire and regulations may change at any time.

6. When the travellers present themselves to their port of departure or arrival, the port health officials will use the code provided to verify that their results meet all the other requirements.

7. Inbound travellers with results from non-Trusted Travel-compliant laboratories will be required to upload a copy of their results on the Global Haven System ( for authentication.

8. Uploading forged documents will inhibit the ability to travel globally.

9. Travellers encountering challenges with the use of the Trusted Travel and Global Haven systems are assured of technical support if they send an email to

10. It is recommended that you also travel with a hard copy of your test results in the event of technical difficulties at the ports of entry or departure.

11. Please note that the current entry requirement for Namibia in respect of testing, is possession of a negative PCR test result that is no older than 7 days from the date of the sample being taken once the traveller arrives in Namibia.

If you are unsure about any of this please drop us a message and we will do our best to assist where we can!

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