This half day excursion combines 2 activities, the Leopard Feeding and the late afternoon game drive, to give you an opportunity to see everything from leopard to giraffe, antelope, and hippo (a rarity in the Windhoek area).


We are collected from our accommodation establishment, within the city limits, and embark on this half day excursion which is an excellent way to spend an afternoon and a guarantee to see a Leopard in close proximity.

We head out of the city on the main A1 highway and drive for around 30 minutes before turning off the main road and on to the farm tracks. From here it is another 30 minute drive to our destination at Dusternbrook Guest Farm. Along the way there are good chances for a first sighting of game, giraffe, kudu, springbok and oryx are all often seen here together with some smaller mammal species including mongoose, baboons, steenbok and warthog. The birdlife also abounds.

Dusternbrook, (named after a part of the port town of Keil in Germany), is big, 30,000 acres of prime bushveldt and is located in a beautiful valley in the Khomas Hochland Mountains. It is hard to believe that we have arrived is such a wild and lovely place after just a short drive from the hustle and bustle of the city. The Otjiseru River cuts through the property and the usually dry river-bed is home to some spectacular, ancient trees. We will be crossing the river many times during our visit and in the rainy season this can make our adventure a little more adventurous.

There is a short check-in process when we arrive at the reception area, where we will also have time for a leg stretch, bathroom visits and, if you like, refreshments, (at a small extra charge). We meet our Dusternbrook guide, transfer to an open game viewing vehicle and we head off on the first part of our excursion, to see the leopard feeding.

Farmers and large predators have been in conflict for millennia, and the same is still true in these modern times. Habitat loss for the animals is a great contributor and with less space available to both farmers and wild animals, conflict is inevitable. Many adult carnivores are killed and this often leaves orphaned youngsters. Some of these animals are old enough to be reintroduced into the wild but some are simply too young. Without the lessons of life coming from their mothers at such crucial age it is impossible for them to ever survive on their own.

The cats at Dusternbrook were all orphaned and were lucky to have been taken in and raised to adulthood. They do not live the fully ‘’free and wild’’ natural life that we would all wish for them but they do have a good life. Visiting them here on Dusternbrook allows us to learn something about their plight and of course to get closer to them than you are ever likely to be able to do in the wild. We visit leopard and watch them have their daily meal. We are not in a rush and there is plenty of time to see and photograph these beautiful animals before we head back to the reception area for a short break before joining our second, game drive activity.

Our game drive takes us across the property where natural wildlife abounds. We expect to see giraffe, oryx, common impala, wildebeest and springbok but there are also good chances to see eland, sable antelope, waterbuck and surprisingly hippo. The Otjiseru River is quite a large stream when it flows and produces enough water every year to maintain some large, deep natural pools of water on a year round basis. Hippopotamus are not natural to this semi-desert environment and have been introduced to the farm from their usual habitats in the very far north of Namibia. They are curious and interesting creatures to see and they look very contented and just as eager to look at us from their watery home as we are to look at them. The open water of course attracts many other species and there is usually always a flurry of birdlife on and at the water’s edge.

The scenery across Dusternbrook is lovely and supports several habitats, from well wooded areas, the river course, deep water pools, thorn scrub and open grassland savannah. The high mountains of the Khomas Hochland tower above us in this protected valley and you are likely to take as many photographs of the scenery as you do of the plentiful animal and bird life that Dusternbrook supports and protects.

We stop in a scenic or interesting place for a sundowner drink and snack before heading back to the reception area. A short stop here where we say good bye to our experienced and informative guides before re-joining our driver for the approximately 60 minute drive back to Windhoek.

Word Of Mouth

Well organised, great customer service and value for money – and had a blast leaving town for a day and seeing so much in a short amount of time. Our driver was both welcoming and helpful, and would recommend this if you have little time but want to see something outside of Windhoek



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Shelly Barns

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Jacob Luke

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