Budget Camping Safaris


“The 3 day Sossusvlei Budget Camping Safari was an amazing experience. Our guide was the best – his personality was infectious, knowledge of Namibia unrivalled, and cooking was delicious…..Don’t hesitate – just book your trip now!”
– Justin C, TripAdvisor review

Why Book a Budget Tour?

Discover Namibia’s wild beauty on a budget with Chameleon Safaris’ budget camping safaris. These cost-effective adventures, led by professional guides, take you to iconic destinations like Etosha National Park and the Skeleton Coast. Despite being budget-friendly, these safaris offer a rich experience of wildlife encounters and cultural explorations.

Experience the wild essence of Namibia without a hefty price tag.

3 days
3 Days
6 Days

About our Namibian Budget Camping Safaris

  1. Diverse Itineraries: Our budget camping safaris span various durations and cover iconic destinations. From a 3-day tour into the breathtaking Sossusvlei to a 6-day safari that combines the highlights of Etosha National Park and the dunes at Sossusvlei, each itinerary is crafted to offer a unique adventure. 
  2. Affordable Exploration: Designed for those on a tight budget, these safaris provide an affordable gateway to explore Namibia’s highlights without compromising the experience. Enjoy the wilderness of Etosha National Park or the ageless beauty of the Namib Desert while adhering to a budget.
  3. Small-Group Adventure: Our budget camping safaris operate in small groups on set departure days, making it a personal and engaging adventure. The small group setting allows closer interaction with the guide and fellow adventurers, enhancing the safari experience.
  4. Self-Sufficient Camping: Embrace the outdoors with our budget camping safaris, where you’ll pitch your tent under the Namibian sky. Don’t worry about the equipment; we provide everything you’ll need for a comfortable camping experience amidst nature.
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