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Established in 1995 by Jackie Burton, after many years backpacking in Asia and from Cairo to Cape Town, it seemed a natural decision to share my love for Namibia, it’s people and the amazing animals, with others. Being fascinated by chameleons and having had some very close encounters whilst backpacking, it was a natural step to name the company after my favourite animal. Joined in 2000 by Bossie Coetzer, who had backpacked through America, Europe and Southern Africa, we made a formidable team and started our crazy adventure together. Through the years we have recruited and trained many Namibians into this wonderful industry as well as made some amazing friends from around the world. Our focus early on was to support local Namibian communities to ensure that the tourism dollar reached the rural areas as all Namibians should benefit, as well as introduce our guests to genuine characters in “off the beaten track” places. This meant we had to move from minibuses to 4×4 vehicles to enable us to reach some of the lesser-known areas.

In 2001 when the world was shocked by the destruction of the twin towers, we believed that no-one would ever want to travel in a plane again. We were so wrong, as that terrible event triggered the biggest increase in tourism numbers to our beautiful countryThe focus was again on recruiting and training young Namibians into a dynamic and growing industry and developing new and sought after experiences for our new visitors. The next event that brought us to our knees was the Global Financial Crisis in 2010, we had to nip and tuck our expenses and ride out the storm until the tourist numbers started to increase again. If you are reading this you will know that nothing will ever prepare us or you, for a Pandemic of the proportions we have seen with Covid-19. Within 3 weeks of the Namibian Government decision to close our borders we saw thousands of people leave the country and go home.

Our beautiful country was empty, the streets were quiet and our staff had to stay at home. As restrictions gradually eased we embarked on a mission to survive, to keep as many staff employed as possible, to train our guides in new areas, to develop new and exciting safaris for when the world re-awakens and people start to travel again. Like my favourite animal, we are survivors, we are adapting, like we had in the past, and we are looking forward to welcoming you all back on a safari in Namibia.

Come and join us on a Chameleon Safaris adventure of a lifetime in Namibia.

Jackie & Bossie | owners of Chameleon Safari Namibia

Chameleon Backpackers, Windhoek is an upbeat, clean and well located accommodation establishment where your tour starts/ends or both, so book your pre and post safari accommodation at a comfort level to suit your budget.

Check out the great range of rooms and options on our What We Offer page and this also gives you the opportunity to meet the team before you head out on safari. Ask your consultant to book and add this to your safari booking and give us your flight details for your airport pickup on arrival. 

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