Naankuse Wildlife Sanctuary

Embark on a journey with Chameleon Safaris to the heart of Namibia’s wildlife conservation, the N/a’ankuse Wildlife Sanctuary. Established in 2007, this haven has been a refuge for Namibia’s orphaned, injured, and abused animals, housing everything from mighty predators to playful primates. The sanctuary’s primary goal is to rehabilitate and release these wild residents back into nature, yet for those who can’t be removed, N/a’ankuse provides a safe and caring home.

Dive deeper into the conservation efforts with Chameleon Safaris by volunteering at the sanctuary. Every day is a unique adventure, whether preparing food, cleaning enclosures, or monitoring free-roaming carnivores through GPS data. The hands-on involvement allows for an unforgettable experience, making a real impact while gaining a deeper understanding of Namibia’s wildlife and conservation challenges.

The sanctuary isn’t just a home to wildlife and a beacon of hope for the local San community. Through the Clever Cubs School and the LifeLine Clinic, N/a’ankuse extends a helping hand, offering free primary education and medical assistance. Moreover, the sanctuary provides employment and training opportunities, empowering the community while fostering a harmonious human-wildlife coexistence.

Furthermore, the addition of the Shiloh Wildlife Sanctuary in 2017, backed by the Jolie-Pitt Foundation, amplifies the conservation efforts, focusing on protecting orphaned and injured rhinos and elephants. This extension marks a significant stride in conserving Namibia’s wildlife, showcasing the collaborative spirit of Chameleon Safaris and its partners in protecting the majestic wildlife of Namibia.

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