Step into Windhoek with Chameleon Safaris, the gate to exploring Namibia. This city, nestled among the Eros, Auas, and Khomas Hochland mountains, holds a blend of history and modernity. Its roots trace back to 1840 when Jan Jonker Afrikaner settled here, but the modern city was sculpted later by Kurt Von Francois in 1890. The Alte Feste (Old Fortress), the oldest building in Windhoek, is a testament to the city’s layered history.

Windhoek is not just about history; it’s Namibia’s bustling capital. Though modest by international standards, it holds a uniquely unique charm. The city blends German and Namibian architectural influences, reflecting its colonial past and present-day cultural diversity. The Independence Avenue, once known as Kaiser Street, now hosts a range of businesses, a sign of Windhoek’s evolving narrative.

With Chameleon Safaris, delve deeper into Windhoek’s essence by joining the Windhoek City & Township Tour. Explore the architectural gems, mingle with the locals, and taste the city’s vibrant culture. The city’s altitude of 1650m above sea level provides a pleasant climate, enhancing your exploration journey.

Windhoek is also your starting point for Namibia’s magnificent landscapes and safaris. It’s where urban meets the wild, the starting point of many safaris into the heart of Namibia’s pristine wilderness. With Chameleon Safaris, you’re not just visiting Windhoek; you’re opening the door to Namibia.

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