Here's our favourite spots to take in the sunset in Windhoek!

Observing sunsets while on tour in Namibia are a daily ritual, and if you’ve had the pleasure of experiencing even just 1 Namibian sunset, you will know why. It’s the perfect time to sit and reflect on another amazing day, processing all the incredible sights and experiences one has had. While incredible sunsets over the dunes of Sossusvlei or the waterholes of Etosha are always #1, sunsets over Windhoek are not too shabby themselves and definitely worth taking in. Here are our top 5 recommendations if you are an avid sunset chaser like us!

On a budget? Then head up to level 4th of the National Independence Memorial Museum’s restaurant, aka NIMMS Restaurant and take in the views from the balcony of love!

Situated in the centre of town, the National Independence Museum offers incredible views of Windhoek city and the Christuskirche. With 3 balconies, there is plenty of space to find a quiet place to enjoy a drink and watch the sun go down on another amazing day in Namibia. 

Note: For visits at sunset, there is a minimum order of N$150 after 5pm, so be sure to grab a drink or two!

Local Tip: If you’re in town on the full moon, then be sure to visit here. Full moon views to the east and sunset views to the west are AMAZING!!!

If you want to be where the action is, there are not 1, but 2 awesome spots and these are the Avani Stratos SkyBar and the Am Weinberg Sky Lounge.

Both are known as hot spots for Windhoek’s social elite, offering amazing cocktails, excellent service, incredible views and the perfect setting for an insta worthy photoshoot! 

Local Tip: While Avani Stratos is located in the centre of town, Am Weinberg is located in the quieter suburb of Klein Windhoek. If you don’t have a car, then download the Lefa app, Namibia’s version of Uber, for safe and reliable transport around the city. 

Looking for a unique spot to reflect on the day, then Hotel Heinitzberg could be for you.

The Heinitzberg is one of Windhoek’s 5 historical castles. From its perch on Heinitzberg St in Klein Windhoek, it’s no surprise that it offers some pretty incredible sunsets over the capital. In addition to oozing history, Heinitzberg is also a wine connoisseurs paradise boasting one of the coziest wine cellars we’ve ever seen where, with prior booking, you can also book a romantic dinner.

Local Tip: The restaurant, Leo’s At The Castle, offers some of Windhoek’s best fine dining menu’s. 

If you want to escape the city, then River Crossing Lodge is the spot!

Located just outside 5km Windhoek in the mountains on a 6500ha reserve, the views from here are SPECTACULAR! Combine this with an excellent restaurant; it’s certainly the place to be if you want a little more serenity than the city has to offer.

Local Tip: If you are already having safari withdrawals, then book an afternoon game drive here to catch a glimpse of giraffe, kudu, oryx and more.

Where ever you choose to take in the sunset in Windhoek, you won’t be disappointed and if you are looking for more Windhoek local tips then get in touch via any of our social media platforms or on! 

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