Why the Namibian winter is the best time to explore!

In the words of Ned Stark, WINTER IS COMING and we are celebrating. While most people choose to escape winters when planning their holidays we are telling you, it’s the BEST time to visit Namibia on Safari, here is why!


During a Namibian winter, the sky is endlessly blue! That’s right, it’s rare to see a cloud in Namibia during our winter months because, in addition to being cool, it’s also our dry season. This means great things for wildlife viewing but we will get to that in a moment. Temperatures during a Namibian winter can be equated to a European summer, reaching a perfect 25°C during the day making the days perfect for exploring the country. While the nights can get a little chilly, you can enjoy your nights sitting by the campfire with a hot chocolate, reminiscing about the days adventures while enjoying some of the worlds best stargazing under Namibia’s dark skies, before snuggling up in your tent or room for a PERFECT nights sleep, oh and did we mention, there are no mosquitos!

Wildlife viewing

Namibia’s dry winter means only exceptional sightings when it comes to safariing in Etosha National Park. With no permanent water source in the national park such as a river or a lake, Etosha’s wildlife is heavily reliant on manmade and seasonal waterholes that provide a life source for these animals. During the rainy season (December – April) rain can create a scattering of natural watering holes across the entire park and wildlife is then free to explore more remote parts of the park where tourists cannot visit. However during the dry season, these natural waterholes disappear and the animals are drawn into the large waterholes that are permanently filled with water which can result in a HUGE variety of wildlife, both prey & predator enjoying the same watering hole! 

For those travelling alone but wanting to join a group, travelling during our ‘high season’ there is always a diverse group of people to mingle with on each scheduled Namibia tour. Keep in mind that Namibia’s high season doesn’t mean massive crowds and queues, just a few more like-minded travellers looking to avoid the crowds of a European summer than during our rainy season!

While there is really no bad time to explore Namibia, for first-time visitors to Namibia that want an iconic safari experience in Etosha National Park then travelling from May – October is the best. Ready to explore your Etosha safari tour options? 

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